Exercise 1

The initial level of CMM is characterized by chaos and few processes, if any, are defined. An organization with an initial maturity level is chaotic, disorganized, and success depend son individual effort and heroics. Good outcomes are generally considered miracles. Each of the maturity levels can be measured.

Let PP be the best programming project, either individually or a part of a team, you have developed for one of your courses as an undergraduate or graduate student. If you are new to the programming field, you  may consider a system engineering project or adopt another student who is willing to share his/her experiences and reflections. We would like to gauge whether PP is developed at the initial maturity level. Consider the following checklist:

  • Absence of software development plan
  • Absence of engineering guide
  • Absence of agreed-upon process model
  • Absence of confidentiality
  • Absence of senior management involvement
  • Continual change of requirements
  • Inexperience (poor staffing)
  • Absence of prototypes
  • Increasing size of software system
  • Inadequate support

For each of the above checklist items, score the degree of assessment of each item by assigning a real number value v, where v >= 0 and v <=1, and the higher scores (lower scores, respectively) reflect weaknesses (strengths, respectively).

Let N be the number of the checklist items . Derive the initial level maturity score for your project PP by summing up all the individual scores for each checklist item and diving by N.

Compare your PP initial level maturity score with at least 2 other students in class. What do these numbers tell you? For this, write a brief statement regarding your score and draw reflections regarding how your score compares to others.

Exercise 2

Suppose you would like to start your own charitable organization to feed school kids in your immediate neighborhood breakfast. After some research, it became clear that a cheese omelet is the ideal meal that you will offer for free. Your goals are to standardize the production of these breakfasts for consistency in quality, taste, and food quantity. Using DFD modeling, draw the context diagram of the Make Omelet System (OMS) and draw DFD level 1 of OMS.